Flower Care Information

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When Your Flowers Arrive

  • Start with a clean, flat space to work on and lie your flowers down.

  • Make sure you have a sharp knife/clippers or scissors to make a clean cut to the stems of your flowers.

  • Start to prepare your floral arrangement by ripping off the leaves that will be below the water line. This helps to avoid the water in the vase becoming dirty, murky and smelly.

  • Choose a vase that compliments the amount of flowers you have, tall, short, small, large. If you don’t have a large vase collection, play around with a variety of small vessels (jars, pitchers etc).

  • If you have greenery, start with that first, then build up with larger flowers, finishing with the smaller ones.

  • One way to build the arrangement is in your hand, adding to it and taking time to stand back and see how it’s coming together, and then add to it as necessary. You don’t have to create perfect arrangements, wild floral spilling over the sides with different heights look beautiful too.

  • Once the arrangement is complete, cut the stems to match the vase you’re using. Be sure to trim at least a little bit off every stem, otherwise the flowers won't be able to drink enough water.

  • Cut the stems on an angle to help them drink better, this will help the flowers last longer.

  • Create your own style, the more you play around with arranging, the more confident and creative you will become. The most important thing is to have fun with it and be as creative as you want!

  • If you're a bit stuck for inspiration, have a look at our Instagram and Pintrest accounts for some ideas.

To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

  • Replace the old water every 2 days with some fresh water.

  • Flowers lasts longer if cold, so avoid having them in a hot spot in full sun.

  • Once some stems start to fade (sadly) remove them from the vase, otherwise they will cause the healthy ones to fade quickly too.